THURSDAY: 3/25/2004
Finished the floorboard supports.

Welded two pieces of 3/4 inch square onto the underside of the top triple tree. When we drive her in the parade, the steering drag bars attach here with springs. When parked, the whole assembly slides out. When we add some oversize fake plastic handlebars, people will go crazy trying to figure out how we drive it.

Here's the drag bars in place. Still need to work out some handlebars to steer with. I've decided to move the throttle from the handlebar twist grip to a regular gas pedal.

Found a piece of round stock left over from some marine railing we scrapped. I cut out a corner piece to be the gas pedal.

Here's the pedal glowing red hot as I just welded on a piece of threaded rod which will connect to a stock VW throttle cable.

Here's the brake and throttle pedals bolted up.

SATURDAY: 3/27/2004
I cut the foam for the seats. Nothing slices foam like an electric carving knife... I spent the morning driving to fabric stores matching the blue and red plastic samples to colors of Naugahyde.

while Jake got the engine back on.

SUNDAY: 3/28/2004
I started applying plastic; first on the floorboards.

and then on the center dash. I got the gauges in and wired and was able to start the engine from the dash controls; Yay!. I've got gas, brakes and clutch, I can shift gears, too. If I only had a front wheel, we'd be test drivin' right now!!

The engine just looks awsome; it sticks way out behind the rig and looks so improbable...

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