THURSDAY: 3/18/2004
Here's a picture of all the pieces of the springer ready to assemble. We cut 1 x 2 for the main tubes and 1 x 1 for the suspension rods, then welded in 1/2 inch solid tabs to attach to the rockers.

The big drill press poked all the 3/4 holes. 25 bucks for an axle shaft and pillow block bearings and we'll have a live axle. I figure we'll have to rig up some giant pedals that turn with the BIG WHEEL...

Here's another pillow block used as the upper steering bearing.

FRIDAY: 3/19/2004
Here we've cut the plywood firewall and glued on our first piece of poly. Jake discovered that our little air nibbler tool slices the poly like scissors and leaves a nice clean edge.

The bolts that hold the brackets for our hidden gas tank pass through the firewall and secure it to the frame.

Jake packs fresh grease into the CV joints after installing the new boots. TIP: DO NOT let the balls fall out of the CV's. They require 3 hands and some patience to reassemble... In the foreground is our springer assembled loosely to measure for the springs.

Last shot for tonight: The gas tank is mounted and a sheet metal floor is installed in the storage compartment.

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