SATURDAY: 4/24/2004
Bob and Sybil just before the start of the parade.

(L to R) John McCarthy, Bob Sokol, Cheryl Wahlgren-Sokol

Passing in front of the Texas State Capitol building, one of the fellows directing traffic held up his hand and I slammed on the brakes. The tires squealed and the crowd went wild: BIG WHEEL!!! As the parade progressed, I started trying to drive through the wet spots that the boat cars were leaving so the tires would squeal louder. Of course, I soon forgot that I was driving a home made vehicle and after one particularly hard slide there was a loud SPROING and one side of the springer let go. Fortunately, the other side held well enough to continue driving.

You may be able to make out the broken weld at the top of the springer in this picture. I just cruised along slow to the end after that... Two weeks to make repairs before the Houston parade.

Julie, Rick, Hunter, Sybil and Diva in the Boatmobile.

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